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Calcaterra Law Welcomes Law Clerk – Timothy Curtis!

Calcaterra Law Welcomes Law Clerk - Timothy Curtis!

Today’s spotlight shines on Timothy “Tim” Curtis!  Tim is a third-year student at Maurice A. Dean School of Law at Hofstra University.  He joined our team earlier this year as part of our 3L Spring Clerkship Program.  Tim has been an integral part of our litigation team.

Below Tim shares a glimpse of what it is like working at our firm. 

Thank you for all your great work, Tim!

Calcaterra Law PC: How has your experience been at our firm thus far? 

Tim: Working with the team at Calcaterra has allowed me to obtain the type of practical experience that law school simply cannot offer.  Since the start, I have been assigned substantive, important tasks in the firm’s handling of various meaningful disputes.  I’ve been able to grow my skills because of these assignments and because of the attorneys at Calcaterra, who are making it their mission to get the job done while giving me as many learning opportunities as possible.  The culture at Calcaterra makes it a phenomenal place for a student at work!” – Timothy Curtis.