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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Commitment & Culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion are much more than mere objectives or talking points at Calcaterra Law. Our firm recognizes that action and dedication are required in order for these positive values to take root.

In line with this core tenet, our firm was founded with a true intention behind our mission: to represent, support, and promote diversity, equity and inclusion (“DE&I”) throughout every aspect of our work and firm culture. We believe this commitment truly strengthens and affirms both our practice of the law and our experience as a team. In fact, the very makeup of our firm showcases our dedication to this belief. Not only is Calcaterra Law a 100% woman-owned firm, but we pride ourselves on the fact that our firm is 100% diverse: our team members are all women and/or professionals of color and/or openly LGBTQIA+

Client Service

We recognize that embracing DE & I provides our firm with a better understanding of those we serve. It informs our work with a broad range of experiences and viewpoints and gives us the tools to serve our clients with greater empathy and skill.

Collaborative and Inclusive Management

The voice and role of each team member is valued. When a firm promotes each team member, the whole firm benefits. We apply this principle across our litigation practices, from case management to client opportunities, to demonstrate to our team that every contribution matters, reinforcing recognition of accomplishments across the firm. As an example, when the firm’s partners publish an article or opinion piece, we endeavor to include in the bylines those who contributed to the publication, from our interns to associates.

Dreamers Bring Important Perspective to Legal Industry
Regina Calcaterra, Isidora Echeverria and Montserrat Lopez.
Expert Analysis – Opinion, Law 360. July 17, 2020

Child Safety and Product Safety Disclosures: A Look at Section 6(b)
Regina Calcaterra, Janine Pollack and Anjori Mitra.
New York Law Journal. December 11, 2020

Building the Bar and the Bench

Supporting a Diverse Pipeline to Law Schools: Calcaterra Law sponsors a Pre-Law Diversity Pipeline Paid Summer Internship dedicated to promoting diversity in the Bar by supporting diverse undergraduate students and recent graduates as they consider embarking on a career in law. Established in 2016, we coordinate this program with the State University of New York at New Paltz and the City University of New York Hunter College. Students gain real-life work experience and receive direct exposure to key facets of both the business and practice of law. Many former interns are either attending law schools or are presently applying. Internship Manager: Regina Calcaterra.

Hispanic National Bar Association: Senior Associate James Aliaga presently serves as the Hispanic National Bar Association’s (“HNBA”) National Vice President, Regions and Affiliates, and previously served as Regional President for the New York Region. Through his positions at the HNBA, he works to promote diversity in all aspects of the legal profession, from law school admissions, private and public sector hiring, to the state and federal judiciary. James is also a member of the HNBA’s Board of Governors, where he works with the HNBA’s Endorsements Committee on reviewing requests for endorsement to serve in the U.S. Executive Branch and on the federal bench. James was honored by HNBA as a Regional President of the Year in 2021.

Gender Equality in Law: Senior Associate Anjori Mitra is a member of Columbia Law School Women’s Association Professional Mentorship Program, where she mentors women law students. During her time at Columbia Law School, Anjori served on the board of Columbia Law Women’s Association, and in that role organized a careers panel of women Columbia alumni working in New York. She also volunteered for the Sexual Respect Initiative, raising awareness on campus around issues of consent and resources available for those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, and other forms of gender-based misconduct and violence. While at the University of Auckland Law School in New Zealand, Anjori also volunteered extensively for the Equal Justice Project, a pro bono organization which aims to increase access to justice in the community.