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Practice Areas

Childhood Sexual Assault

Our Firm’s strong commitment
to social justice is evident through our representation of childhood sexual assault survivors.

Consumer Protection

Our attorneys pursue individual claims on behalf of consumers who have purchased defective or dangerous products.


Our Firm works to ensure that antitrust protections are enforced to benefit consumers and businesses and encourage free-market competition.

Municipal Representation

Our Firm has decades of experience representing state and local governments, affiliated entities, and public pension funds in complex federal and state litigation.

Civil Rights

Our Firm has a deep commitment to civil rights issues, and our attorneys have experience litigating high-stakes federal civil rights class and individual actions.

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys represent corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors in complex state and federal litigation and other business matters.

Corporate Governance & Securities Litigation

Our attorneys advise individual and institutional investors, pension funds, and financial institutions on issues related to corporate governance, shareholder rights, and private securities litigation.