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Civil Rights

Calcaterra Law has a deep commitment to civil rights issues, and our attorneys have experience litigating matters including representing survivors of childhood sexual assault under New York’s Child Victims Act and litigating high-stakes federal civil rights class and individual actions.

Often, individuals can feel powerless when they experience a devastating event – be it a sexual assault, sexual harassment or the violation of a fundamental civil right such as unequal treatment under the law and other discriminatory conduct. Calcaterra Law is well-equipped to assist individuals with assessing their options and pursuing legal remedies against both individuals and institutions in such situations.

Below are some examples of Calcaterra Law’s related cases:

Child Victims Act: Calcaterra Law attorneys represent survivors of childhood sexual assault under New York’s Child Victims Act against the Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch and related defendants and large religious institutions such as the Diocese of Brooklyn and Archdiocese of New York.

Federal Civil Rights Class Action: Calcaterra Law represents a large metropolitan county against allegations of discriminatory treatment in its tax assessment system with alleged damages of $1.7 billion.

Title IX: Calcaterra Law represents a survivor of assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence against Syracuse University alleging that the defendant failed to prevent and appropriately respond to allegations of domestic violence and the resulting assault of a student athlete.