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Defective Products
and Wrongful Death

Individuals often suffer loss as the result of purchasing and/or using defective consumer products, such as infant products, cosmetics, food products, cars, and electronics. Such defects may be due to the design or manufacture of the product. Where individuals have been harmed by defective products, they may have legal recourse.

Attorneys at Calcaterra Law have experience litigating product liability cases on behalf of individuals. Our Firm investigates reports of product failures and defects, recall notices, and customer complaints to formulate the strongest possible cases on behalf of affected individuals. Attorneys at our Firm have experience working with expert witnesses in order to obtain scientific evidence and expertise. Product liability cases can involve a variety of causes of action, including breach of warranty, negligence, failure to recall dangerous products, failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions to consumers regarding the product, mislabeling, and product failure. Calcaterra Law’s notable cases in this practice area are Butler, et al. v. Fisher-Price, Inc. et al. and Sanders, et al., v. Fisher-Price, Inc. et al.